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Established on 1st January 2011,MGM is one of the leading automobile manufacturing companies in Myanmar and is formed by domestic car manufacturers from Myanmar industrial sector , in order to manufacture high quality general vehicles.MGM consist of 45 subsidiary members spread out over all industrial zones in Yangon region, Myanmar.

Develop industrial sector of Myanmar by manufacturing high quality motor vehicles through unity of small scale domestic car manufacturers MGM will primarily import vehicles and produce with knock down parts from the leading foreign brand manufacturers. Currently, MGM has already installed the SKD production
equipment such as assembly line, inspection line, testing line and filling line from Changsha Ocean automobile parts company limited China.

• After increasing number of vehicle manufacturing, MGM will set up the full CKD production line equipment such as fixing parts, jigs, welding line, painting line, dipping Lines and pre-examination tool.With the regards of advanced technology and equipment in automobile production, MGM will plan to manufacture the following motor vehicles according to government policy.

• (a) light truck

• (b) Mid-size truck

• (c) Bus

• (d) Farm Machineries

• (e) Heavy Duty Truck

280 သိန်း


305 သိန်း


305 သိန်း


375 သိန်း


375 သိန်း


375 သိန်း


269 သိန်း


179 သိန်း