M.C.G Co.,Ltd
Normal Supplier

Myanmar Classic Group Co.,Ltd. (MCG)
-MCG was founded in 2006 and got sole agent of CHIGO Airconditioner in 2006 to import and distribute CHIGO
-Airconditioner and spare parts to Myanmar market.

Our Vision
-To have benefits by mutual cooperation of both.

Our Mission
– To provide utmost services for customers’ satisfaction.
– To fulfill the best for stakeholders’ needs and wants.
– To treat our staff fairly and to educate all for their development.
– To do peace and tranquility for community and to sustain environments.

Our Core Values
– Observance of state policies, laws, rules & regulations.
– Respecting the customers.
– Preserving honesty; truthfulness; integrity of all the stakeholders.
– Bestowing trustworthiness upon company staff and
developing team spirit.
– Having business ethics.
– Setting accountability at every level of personnel.

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