VIVO Myanmar
Normal Supplier

Vivo brand was registered in China in 2009, and registered in 103 counties and regions by March, 2014. Vivo Mobile Myanmar is the oversea branch of vivo smart phone phone (China) in Myanmar country. We provide the vivo brand smart phone and service in Myanmar national wide. Our company was founded in 2014, follow the trending of vivo smart phone business expending in southeast Asia. We held a brand launch event on 18th, March, 2015, which is the third overseas launch event after Thailand and India. Announce vivo launch into Myanmar smartphone market. The Myanmar mobile phone market is currently booming with unprecedented pace. With the economy growing and a notable increase in the purchasing power as well as the field opening up for foreign investments, the potential in the Myanmar smart phone market has grown exponentially, with the telecommunications operators investing in Myanmar and building the infrastructure throughout the country, Myanmar looks very promising and offers everything that vivo Global is looking for. Vivo Myanmar will devote to provide excellent products and services the Myanmar.