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OKM Group of Companies
Where World Class Business meets Myanmar's Needs.

-OKM Group of Companies is a Myanmar Holding ISO Certified Company and its established in 1992.

-Before founding in 1992, OK Myanmar Co., Ltd., was originated since 1986 by OK Electronics Centre, one of a few largest and most respected retail and wholesale outlets in Myanmar by then, doing business of selling multi-brand consumer electronic products. The actual incorporation of OK Myanmar Co., Ltd., took place in 1992 as its head office in Yangon initializing with its main business on the distribution of Daewoo and Toshiba consumer electronic products in Myanmar.\

-In 1997, OK Myanmar embarked on a journey to create its own commercial OEM brand HQ, bringing a multitude of commercial cold chain equipment products such as beverage coolers, deep freezers, chillers and open showcases to the market. Since then, with these quality products made-to-order directly from the Daewoo factory in Korea, OK Myanmar has become a main supplier of the commercial coolers to the food chain industry in Myanmar that made HQ a well-known brand among its competitors in that niche market. Moreover, in 2005 OK Myanmar won over Sanyo Asia Pte. Ltd., in a bid to be appointed as its Sole Distributor in Myanmar for Sanyo consumer electronic products until 2010.

-However, after Panasonic has taken over Sanyo in 2010, OK Myanmar also imported Panasonic commercial products such as beverage coolers and freezers to sell in Myanmar up to this day.

-OKM is an ambitious state-of-the-art business and we expanded our business investment in Trading, Engineering, Microfinance, and Property.

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