Myat Su Mon Construction
Normal Supplier

Our, Myat Su Mon Construction, is a strong presence in Myanmar’s fast- growing construction sector. The name “Myat Su Mon” conveys our best wishes towards our customers, which stands as our core value since our very first day. The company was founded in 2005 with the company registration number 1988 (2005-2006).
According to construction experience in the country’s booming construction industry, Myat Su Mon had opportunities to involve in more than 100 projects. In addition, we have constructed numerous buildings including apartments, offices and mini-condominiums.
Because of our proven experience and strong portfolio, Myat Su Mon Construction has been granted and recognized to manage large condominiums projects of up to 12 storied buildings.


750 သိန်း MMK မှစ၍


1,150 သိန်း MMK မှစ၍


1,490 သိန်း MMK မှစ၍


1,300 သိန်း MMK မှစ၍