Daewoo Bus Myanmar
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Daewoo Bus Myanmar Company was established in March 2018 and was registered as a joint venture between Myanmar Trade Centre and Zyle Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company. Myanmar Trade Center controls 75 per cent of shares while 25 per cent is owned by Zyle Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company.
Daewoo Bus Myanmar Co., Ltd. will execute assembling, manufacturing and sales of buses and repair service on the land leased by No.1 Heavy Industries Enterprise (Htaukkyant) in Mingaladon Township, according to the Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC).

Become the most efficient core business unit in Daewoo Bus global family
Become the most competitive bus manufacturer
Deliver great benefits to Myanmar Customer

Mission Statement

Provide a reliable and comfortable public transportation service through with manufacturing best quality buses forever. We will continuously monitor the needs of the public travelling and review our buses in order to maintain sustainable customer satisfaction.

We are an organization that values integrity, cost effectiveness, efficiency, durability, and best services.