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At a Glance
Client Focus Technology Group Co., Ltd (CFTG), incorporated in 2007, is one of the leading vendors of Product Distribution, Solution Sales and Services in Myanmar.

CFTG businesses were originally operated by a Foreign based company since 1992. In 2005, the organization was taken over in its entirely by a core group of management staff. Since then, the original business portfolio and management have been reorganized. Coupled with strong support provided by a Singapore based marketing organization in matters relating to finance, equipment agencies and logistics, CFTG has achieved a quantum leap in growth over the years.

CFTG has now become a Group of Companies pursuing 8 diversified spheres of business – Information Communication Technology, Office Automation, Industrial Printing, IT Services, Painting, Electrics and Electricals, Chemicals, Management and Consultancy.

The Group employs more than 100 employees directly plus 300 more indirectly who are employed contractors working on CFTG developments.